Nikolay Bulaev, Deputy Chairperson of the CEC of Russia: Digitalization is inevitable. We are witnessing it right now!

Full text (in Russian)

The publication is devoted to the issues related to the conduct of two experiments in Moscow at the elections on 8 September 2019:

The first experiment: voting at digital polling stations and organizing remote electronic voting. Voters with formal residence in the regions of Russia where on 8 September 2019 there will be a by-election of deputies to the State Duma, as well as elections of top officials of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, will be able to cast their votes at 30 digital polling stations in Moscow. There are 20 such regions.

The second experiment: on 8 September 2019, in Moscow voters of three single-seat electoral districts will be able to vote remotely, without the need to be personally present at the polling station.

Both experiments are very important for further development of the electoral process in Russia. Today we are doing everything from scratch, nothing similar exists in the world.


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