Nikolay Bulaev, Deputy Chairperson of THE CEC of Russia: What handwriting signifies?

(Interview published in the Russian Gazette – Federal issue № 7940 (182)

Full text (in Russian)

According to the Deputy Chairperson of the CEC of Russia N.I. Bulaev, the CEC of Russia can hardly be accused of using double standards in dealing with the complaints of unregistered candidates at the elections on 8 September 2019.

Everything that transpired in this respect in the CEC of Russia was as open and public as possible, and, therefore, objective. It included an opportunity to review the documents, to include into count signatures that caused doubts, and the interpretation of other people's mistakes in favor of the candidate.

N.I. Bulaev believes that reasons for refusal to register candidates are so obvious that they cannot be ignored, and it is impossible to register people with that many concerns about signature lists that they have submitted.


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